These images document moments in the life of a community of people, family and ceremony. It is the story of persistent people.  The Yaqui have been highly adaptive to a changing environment and social climate in their homelands, while also holding strongly to traditional life-ways. Culturally and religiously, people are navigating the return and guardianship of old ways, post Jesuit influence, and how to survive and grow after much disruptive raping and pillaging of the land. The community has an ancestral lineages of an understanding deeply connected to the earth and water. The generation becoming todays elders have been taught to pray and honor in the language of Christian symbols and terms. To an outsider, and to some in the community, these understandings can get lost in the translation of the Cristian face put to ceremonies. The most recent violations of the peoples and the lands they inhabit and call home is the stealing of the Yaqui River. This removal is of the  peoples water source for drinking, hygiene, household needs, agriculture, the reeds fro home construction and ceremony.  The government of the district of Sonora has rerouted the water to the city of Hermosillo, so the wealthy people living in the desert city can have water features in new high end housing and the golf courses can stay well watered.